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As a division of Vento Partners Consulting Group, Vento Technology Consulting has evolved as the premier provider of technology consulting services to answer our clients’ major business needs with technology support.

Realizing that the corporations face several problems in implementing technology projects for enabling business solutions, Vento Partners established Vento Technology Consulting team. The team puts the business values, strategies and goals of corporations as the starting point and at the heart of implementing solutions.  We believe that business ownership brings the success to the technology projects, thus we start building trust in the projects within the business units.

Although Vento Partners consultants are experienced in several technologies, our principle is to figure out the right solutions for the client needs. This is why we are not in partnership with any technology vendor in the market.

Various problems, methodological approach with right technology solutions.

In many projects we work with our Strategy and Human Capital services for the overall solution to the clients




” With regard to excellence, it is not enough to know, but we must try to have and use it.” 




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